Cultivate LIGHTNESS!
Stress & Anxiety

Fears, Anger, Conflicts, Sadness…

Therapeutic hypnosis helps you to better live your emotions.

Great fears and Phobias:

Fear of certain animals, fear of emptiness, fear of flying, claustrophobia, fear of crowds or on the contrary of empty spaces…

Hypnosis, combined with progressive visualization techniques, helps you develop your calmness and gradually tame your fear.

> Learn more about big fears and hypnosis

Anger, Frustration, Irritability:

Whether it blows us up or we hold it back, anger is a difficult emotion to experience.

It is therefore useful to understand what our “irritants” are, our typical scenarios and what needs are flouted at home.To better identify our frustrations, and manage our “blood shots”.
Hypnosis can help you turn anger into positive energy.

> Learn more about anger management and hypnosis

Sadness, Separation, Mourning:

Following the loss of a loved one, a house, a country…, or facing a relationship that ends, sadness is a natural emotion that pushes us to take a break and take care of ourselves.

Hypnosis is a subtle tool to do a mental and emotional sorting to keep what you want to keep and continue to move forward on your life path.

Hypnotherapy cannot replace medical care in case of depression or burn-out.

> Learn more about managing sadness and grief with hypnosis

Sessions by Videoconference. 

Possibility of evening & weekend sessions.

A team of professional hypnotherapists to help you better manage your emotions:

Florence Aton

Florence Aton

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching

Learn more about Florence

Nuria Pérez de León

Nuria Pérez de León

Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Teenagers

Learn more about Nuria

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Children

Learn more about Réjeanne


Hypnotherapy sessions per Video

Hypnothérapie par Vidéo

If you live far away or just prefer to stay at home, video hypnosis works very well!
Consultations by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp.
Secure connection by password.

In my life, there is a before and an after.
My sessions with Sandra were a turning point in my emotional release process.
With gentleness and kindness, she knew how to unravel in my unconscious what had been making me suffer for years. She was able to clean up the many layers of repressed emotions.
I am so grateful to this wonderful person for helping me regain a long-lost state of well-being.
A huge thank you!!!

Marie-Hélène Chiasson

I had conflicts at work and in hypnosis it is my sadness and the homesing that came out, after more than 10 years in Canada.
I cut the painful cord with my home country during a pretty amazing session.
I came out of it calm, and my relationship improved a lot.

Patrick (Relationship Conflicts)


By video-conference (Zoom - Skype - WhatsApp)

Duration: 50 to 60 min.

The first session may take a little longer

Price per session: CAN$ 125 (about 100USD / 85€)

Taxes included

Possibility of evening / week-end sessions


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