Achieve your GOALS!

Studies, Competition, Concentration…

Therapeutic hypnosis helps you to be more effective.

Learn more effectively:

Get rid of limiting beliefs: whether for studies or professional challenges, our 1st brake is often internal. The analysis of your self-talk and limiting beliefs will be the preliminary step towards more self-confidence in your learning. Concentration: Hypnosis will help you create a “bubble” of inner calm especially when the environment is not favorable or when stress rises before an exam. Optimize your strategies: Analyzing your learning and memorization methods will allow you to focus on the most effective strategies. Their visualization under hypnosis will then allow you to make them habits to use on a daily basis.

Sports and intellectual performance:

Whether you are a student or in management positions in business, professional sports or amateur, discover the power of hypnosis to serve your goals! Hypnosis helps you manage your stress to make it an ally, improve your concentration and focus, develop your self-confidence and motivation. Unleash your potential!

Develop your creativity:

Hypnosis helps you unleash your imagination and intuition. Opening the door to one’s CREATIVITY means developing one’s intuition, thinking differently, finding one’s way, increasing one’s confidence, innovating and evolving, freeing oneself and daring transformation, taming one’s emotions, healing and facing trials…

Sessions by Videoconference. 

Possibility of evening & weekend sessions.

A team of professional hypnotherapists to help you be more focused and more efficient:

Nuria Pérez de León

Nuria Pérez de León

Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Teenagers

Learn more about Nuria

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Réjeanne LeBlanc

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching
Adults - Children

Learn more about Réjeanne


Florence Aton

Florence Aton

Ericksonian Hypnosis / Humanist Hypnosis / Advanced Symbolic Therapy / NLP Coaching

Learn more about Florence

Hypnotherapy sessions per Video

Hypnothérapie par Vidéo

If you live far away or just prefer to stay at home, video hypnosis works very well!
Consultations by Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp.
Secure connection by password.

I was really under pressure in my engineering studies: too many things, in parallel, for tomorrow… 

Hypnosis sessions helped me manage my stress, stop running everywhere… and sleep better!

Yoann, Student in Montreal


By video-conference (Zoom - Skype - WhatsApp)

Duration: 50 to 60 min.

The first session may take a little longer

Price per session: CAN$ 125 (about 100USD / 85€)

Taxes included

Possibility of evening / week-end sessions


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